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Dennis with Moving Forward

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


My name is Dennis May and I am a representative of Moving Forward. High School is one of the busiest and occasionally most stressful periods in our lives, with so many obligations and so much work, sometimes it’s easy to forget to take care of our own mental and social health.

Moving Forward is an organization led by the students to help with that. Our focuses as a group are mental health and community, which is why we are holding events every month of the year! The people here at Moving Forward care so much about their fellow students. While we are currently a “Gilbert only (Iowa)” organization, we still care about everyone. If you yourself are struggling, or you just want to say “hi” please reach out to us. Our group email us listed below, however if you want to get in touch with one of us specifically, I will include my email as well.

Our email is:

My email is:

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