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“If you are struggling with difficult feelings or intrusive thoughts and you need help, talk to someone. Everyone feels down sometimes, and when you are having difficulty coping it's a display of STRENGTH to reach out. It can feel uncomfortable to ask for the support you need and deserve, but advocating for yourself is worth the discomfort

- Sarah Chingren, Founder of The Redshirt Foundation

More Than Sad

Your Feelings May Seem Permanent, But There Are Ways to Cope with Suicidal Thoughts and Overcome the Pain

Suicidal feelings or thoughts of self-harm can mean that you have feelings you are struggling to cope with right now. The good news is your emotions are not fixed, even when your brain tells you otherwise. Emotions change every day and with support and treatment, you can find yourself again. 

You are not alone. There are many people who want to support you during your brain health journey. If you have thoughts of self-harm or suicide, talk to someone about it today. If it's too difficult to talk about, write it out in a letter or email. Not everyone will understand or be able to match your bravery. That's ok. Haters gunna hate. Relaters gunna relate. 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Find Support in Iowa

Global Support


Surround yourself with people who love you and who have a positive impact on your life. These people could be friends, family, teachers, coaches, or other community members that help you see the positive in yourself.


Learn what situations, people, or objects lead to hopeless feelings or thoughts of suicide. Find ways to avoid your triggers and work with a mental health professional to lessen the impact of these triggers over time.


Don't forget to take care of yourself. Eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and use exercise. Giving your body the fuel it needs to function can help your emotions feel more balanced.


Find healthy ways to manage your stress like yoga, meditation, journaling, hobbies, or even just simple breathing exercises. Avoid things like alcohol, vaping, doom scrolling, or unhealthy choices.

Image by Duy Pham

When you're more than sad.

“If you need help, let someone know. You are loved, you matter, and you deserve to move past despair or numbness into feelings for joy. You have so much more to give to yourself and the world.”

- Sarah Chingren, Founder of The Redshirt Foundation

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