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Moving Forward with Maksymilian Koziel

My name is Maks Koziel; I am a freshman at Gilbert High School and a member of Moving Forward. Moving Forward is an awesome organization, and as soon as I heard things about it in eighth grade, I was very interested and wanted to learn more. My friend was an active member and someone I knew cared a lot about others. I thought that in his explanations about the organization to me, it was something I would want to get involved in. Once I got out of middle school, I was able to come to Moving Forward events, my first being a bonfire at McFarland Park. I witnessed so much great stuff and met a ton of people who were my first friends in high school. People at the events are talking to each other; friend groups mix together, play games, and build relationships. I saw how great Moving Forward really was. I thought high school was going to be a scary place, but once I saw how people treated each other at the Moving Forward event, I was excited to see what high school held for me. Now that I have been in high school for almost a year, I can really see how Moving Forward impacts day-to-day life and how my life would be totally different without it.

If you ever need someone to talk to or want to contact Moving Forward here is some info:

Moving Forward email:

My email:

Our Instagram: movingforward50014

My Snap: maks_koziel2021

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